100-Hour Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Certification Class

We are excited to announce the offering of our exclusive 100-Hour Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy Certification Program. We manage and teach these four modules as a complete series for national certification through The American Board of Hypnotherapy. We are confident that you will find our instructional course to be comprehensive and very enlightening.

Course: 100-Hour Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Certification Class

100-Hour Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Certification Class

The certification will be done in 4-weekend modules which will run on Friday evenings and full days on Saturdays and Sundays. All classes must be attended live, they are not recorded. Included in the training will be three 1-hour group mentoring sessions held via zoom.

Many potential students who are interested in Hypnosis training certifications do not live locally, we are making this training available to more people through a hybrid format. You can attend the modules in person, over Zoom, or both. All modules have several practical sessions built in for students to learn and develop the critical aspects of the processes.

An in-depth training program where you will learn the theory and practice of hypnosis and its clinical application to work with clients

Supervised and independent practice sessions designed to build confidence and refine your skills in various aspects of the practice


Upon successful completion of the program, you will be a certified hypnotherapist/ hypnotist through the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Who Should Take This Certification Class?

  • People who are looking for a fulfilling career.
  • Caring for individuals who want to help others heal.
  • Anyone with an interest in the positive benefits of hypnosis.
  • Coaches, trainers, and therapists who want to help their clients achieve their goals and heal at a deeper level with faster results.
  • Those who have experienced the life-changing effects of hypnosis and want to help others.

Overview of Course Content

Module 1
  • Introduction to Hypnosis
  • The Elements and Stages of Hypnosis
  • Applications of Hypnosis
  • Basic Inductions
  • Self-Hypnosis and Guide Visualizations
Module 2
  • Development of Inductions and Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Developing Post-Hypnotic Suggestions and Reframing
  • Introduction to Uncovering Techniques
Module 3
  • The Polyvagal Theory in Hypnosis
  • Abreactions, and the Effects of Trauma on the Body
  • Direct and Indirect Methods of Uncovering
  • Ego State Therapy
  • Age Regression and Bridging Methods
Module 4
  • Further Develop Key Processes from Previous Modules
  • Introduce Additional, Specialized Processes
  • Integrate all Processes into a Comprehensive Healing Session
  • Setting Up and Maintaining an Office
  • Certification Process and Legal Requirements

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