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Mission Statement

A not-for-profit multifaith educational and instructional organization dedicated to the advancement and development of personal health and growth.


Krysalis Institute has refined and developed a process that has been proven to provide long-lasting or permanent, deep healing results. By accessing the deeper mind through hypnosis, the therapist will learn to guide and facilitate the client through a healing process. This process is designed to empower the client to uncover and heal deeply buried trauma and pain. Instructors at Krysalis Institute are licensed to nationally certify students in hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

Courses Offered

100-Hour Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Certification Class

100-Hour Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Certification Class

We offer a 100-Hour Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy Certification program. We manage and teach these four modules as a complete series for national certification through The American Board of Hypnotherapy. We are confident that you will find our instructional course to be comprehensive and very enlightening.

Monthly Supervision/Mentorship Package

Monthly Supervision / Mentorship Course Package

These webinars are designed to help graduates refine their practice and learn from others’ experiences. This package can be used for the annual Continuing Education Units needed to maintain certification as a hypnotist/ hypnotherapist through The American Board of Hypnotherapy.

Monthly Supervision/Mentorship Package

Practical Application of Clinical Hypnotherapy

This course is designed to introduce and familiarize you with the key components of a successful healing paradigm centered around your basic hypnosis skills. This class is only for students who are already certified hypnotists and hypnotherapists.

Franziska Bernhard Headshot

Franziska Bernhard

Accredited Hypnotherapy &
Hypnosis Instructor,
Master Hypnotist,
Yoga Instructor

Paul Risi Headshot

Paul Risi

Accredited Hypnotherapy &
Hypnosis Instructor,
Certified Hypnotherapist

Janet Philbin Headshot

Janet Philbin

Accredited Hypnotherapy &
Hypnosis Instructor,
Certified Hypnotherapist,
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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The Krysalis Institute has created a training process that lets you learn hypnosis in a step-by-step method so it feels really accessible and doable. They offer ample opportunity to practice with their support and guidance so by the time you’re done, you’ve already had a significant amount of practice sessions which helps with confidence and skill building. Also, all the therapists, Janet, Paul, and Franziska are each a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and they are so generous with it so it was great to have more time to learn from them. They’re all just really nice people, too – very encouraging and invested in helping the trainees learn. It was great having a teaching team of three therapists from which to learn as they have decades of experience between them and hearing how each implements hypnosis helped me clarify my own practice. I highly recommend and it’s a great compliment to Conscious Parenting.

Becki Smith

I completed my hypnotherapy training through Krysalis in 2022. I can’t give enough positive praises for the training and particularly for Janet, Paul and Fransizka. The three of them complement each other so well and provide such a supportive atmosphere for learning. They are passionate about hypnosis which allowed me to feel fully supported and confident in my own practice. Hypnosis has been life changing for me personally and I am so honored that I can help others in the same way now. I can’t thank Krysalis enough for their wisdom, guidance and dedication to deep inner healing. I am so grateful for their continued support even after completing my training.

Amanda Votto

Hypnotherapy training with Krysalis Institute was life-changing for me, I am so grateful to have had this experience. Franziska, Janet & Paul are unbelievable instructors and their professional knowledge, experience, and support is invaluable. The process they taught us is so effective and empowering, we spent so much time practicing on one another as students and in turn experienced major personal growth. I really appreciated and enjoyed learning the process step by step and then practicing hands on step by step,by the end of the training I really felt confident to offer Hypnotherapy sessions to my clients. From my own personal growth in our practice sessions to implementing what I’ve learned in my current life I could not speak any more highly of this training or Krysalis Institute. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to dive deeply into personal growth as well as those looking for a powerful modality to help clients in their healing journey.

Toni Ann

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